A “Diet”

At the beginning of March I stopped eating McDonald's everyday and nuggets and noodles every time I had money. I was striving for the perfect "spring break body" that my friends and boyfriend all scolded me for wanting so bad. I was already "perfect." But this was not all true. Yes I should have been... Continue Reading →

To my loves…

You probably know who you are. Thank you. For listening to my gripes. Putting up with the constant questioning because I have to know the "real" answer to everything. For the kisses and the kayaking. For the silly snaps and gifs. Taking me on grand adventures. Finding fun and creative things to do so that... Continue Reading →

My God

Even before I was born I was prayed over. Since I've been out of the womb I've attended church. I could never be more thankful that god is incorporated in my life. Not only has religion helped me see through times when I thought I wouldn't make it, but even the times when I'm doing... Continue Reading →

The Beginning!

I'm so excited to get my thoughts out! I've had a blog before but it wasn't nearly as aesthetic and organized as this one and I'm itching to put out new content. This blog is mainly going to be a way to link all of my favorite social media together, and write more than I... Continue Reading →

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