Tattoos and Piercings

**This post will be edited as I add more

This is just a post about my tattoos and piercings. I have 8 piercings and 3 tattoos total but I don’t really count my 6 lobe piercings so let’s say I only have 2 piercings.


I got my first piercing (nose) when I was 15.

This is from the day I had it pierced.

I went to a local tattoo shop, Indiana tattoo company and they wasted no time fitting me in.

My piercer recommended that I get a stud to start out with. And that’s what I did.

The piercing surprisingly didn’t hurt that much! He used a hollow needle to pierce my nose and I only really felt it after, where it was sore for about four days.

After about 6 months, I still wanted a silver hoop.

So I ordered one from an online shop that I HIGHLY recommend called Tulsa Body Jewelry they ship fast and have a HUGEEE selection of jewelry in like every metal type. Which is great because I’m allergic to all metals except surgical steel and precious metals.


My cartilage piercing is still healing as I only got it one month ago. It was most definitely more painful than my nose piercing and has been more painful since. It’s a lot of upkeep and it’s hard to sleep at times as it becomes sore. But I love the way it looks. It was similar to my nose piercing as I just visited a local tattoo shop and consulted a piercer. He used a hollow needle and popped the hoop in. Painfully. But since I got it done I would definitely say it was worth it!

Forearm tattoo

I got my forearm tattoo in October of 2018.

It’s is just one word in script. It’s the word “refuge”

I love this tattoo because it represents my beliefs and a verse in the Bible that really speaks to me.

Psalm 91 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

I got the tattoo the same place where I got my nose piercing a few years earlier. It was painful but not so bad. Mainly just a dull ache. It bled for a while after I got it done, but luckily they used a sanitary wrap which I kept on for three days to let it heal. I’m so happy I got this tattoo.

I recently had it touched up and it looks so much cleaner and darker.

Wrist Tattoo

This one is new! I got it yesterday so it is still wrapped. This tattoo is a reminder to me that everyday is a new day, and that “the sun will always rise.” Basically, don’t give up just because it is hard right now 🙂

This tattoo is a sun rising over a valley. I really enjoy simple tattoos so this is really right up my alley. I got a little yellow put on the sun which I’m very excited about because it’s my first color tattoo!!

My brother and best friend helped me design this and my boyfriend went with me to get it!

This tattoo was by far the most painful thing I’ve willingly done to myself. I was almost in tears every time the artist had to pass over my tendon with the needle, but also I’m a little baby.

I’m sososoosso happy with how it came out.

Back tattoo

I got this tattoo on my back the summer before my freshman year at Purdue! The obvious meaning is just to again represent my faith and mostly I like the placement of it aesthetically.

This tattoo hurt a bit but wasn’t unbearable. The second picture was taken right after I took off the saniderm which for some reason I had an allergic reaction to?!?

So basically this is all of them for right now. I love all of my lil piercings and tattoos and I’m so happy that my family and friends have been supportive of me doing what I want and expressing myself.

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  1. Cute tattoos! I love the ‘refuge’ one. So many people get single word tattoos that they don’t even care about just to seem ‘deep’; it’s refreshing to see someone actually put thought and meaning into it, plus it came out great! I love how it kind of looks like a heartbeat.

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