Small challenge (list of 10 things)

This week I want you, my followers – but mostly my friends – to make a list of 10 things you enjoy doing, or ten things that make you happy.

Okay make it now before you read the next thing I write, put it in your notes or something or comment it on this post.

This week and this week ONLY. I want you to accomplish/ carry out 5 of those things.

This is a challenge babes!! And if you complete it, not only will you have had a more fulfilling week, I will feel more motivated to do things like this for myself.

Here are my 10 things

1. Get lunch with a friend

2. Make some sort of content (video, photo shoot, blog post)

3. Talk to new people/make new friends

4. Hangout with Rory (my dog)

5. Clean/organize

6. Watch a movie in my list (I have a watchlist of shows/movies people have told me to watch)

7. Make a playlist

8. Have a meal/time with my family

9. Do my hair/makeup (sometimes this makes me happy haha)

10. Exercise

Friendships are all about encouraging and uplifting. Text me your lists and update me on what you’ve crossed off! And if you don’t have my number, do so in the comments below!! Make this week YOUR week, not just another one passing us by. I believe in you!

One thought on “Small challenge (list of 10 things)

Add yours

  1. 1. Clouds
    2. Making food
    3. Face masks
    4. Naps
    5. New/old music
    6. Sweatpants
    7. Fold laundry
    8. Watch a new movie
    9. Painting my nails
    10. Making/looking at art

    Hold me accountable.


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