We use this word WAY too often.

About traffic, about school, about people.

That’s the one that gets me. People. We shouldn’t be able to label someone so easily with one word. And if you can label someone with one word it is most definitely not accurate because people are SO. MUCH. MORE.

I was inspired to write this blog post when i saw some of my friends post this chain thing that said “send me a negative word you associate yourself with and I’ll tell you why it’s not true”

I wrote annoying, then i looked through all of the answers and a lot of people answered with the same word.

This word gets to me. Mostly because it’s something i struggled with for a while. In middle school mostly i really wanted to “fit in” and looking back i don’t really know why. But i remember wanting to text some of my “friends” and then contemplating if i should even text them because i might annoy them, or another few times, i remember feeling like i shouldn’t post something on my social media because i might annoy someone. As I’ve grown up I’ve realized that the people who really care about you and want to give time to your relationship will never find you as a burden to them.

I’ve shared these sentiments with church groups and close friends and they had always reassured me, but i didn’t always believe them.

This is something that took a lot of time. And something that i still see the effects of because in my high school years I’ve realized that i don’t text that many people out of the blue, or i won’t call someone or reach out to them because i think they’ll find me annoying or they won’t want to make the same attachment with me as i do with them. And that’s okay sometimes. Not everyone will like you and not everyone has the same personality, where they’re able to always be open to or talk to people. I guess it’s just taken me time to realize that not everyone is the same and that is okay. It meant that not everyone could be my best friend. And me annoying people? It’s not necessarily MY problem. I can’t own others’ feelings, that’s just how things work.

You’re not annoying. And yes i can say that, because even though you might annoy a certain type of person, there’s no possible way that you “annoy” everyone, and you will find the right people to associate yourself with and that you are comfortable with. In the mean time, you might just need to be more comfortable with not labeling yourself the way you think others might.

but let me remind you of one thing. You are NOT a word. Especially not “annoying.”

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