On happiness

You know, you always hear those sayings that are like “you are what you eat,” “you are the people you surround yourself with,” and this is true with happiness, “you are as happy as the way you react to adversity.” Facts. Many people say that their life goal is to be happy, this is an amazing goal, if not the best goal, because it means that you are positively affecting not only yourself but all those around you. Happiness has a domino effect. I have always had trouble with controlling my temper, and judgement of others. I’ve asked for prayers after prayers to help with my judgmental attitude, I’ve missed out on opportunities because i judged the situation or the people too quickly. I get mad at the tiniest things that inconvenience me or my plans, or anything that embarrassed me or makes me look like I’m in the wrong. This is not the way to live. You’re going to be wrong, you’re going to meet people you clash with, you’re going to get embarrassed, you’re going to have to cut people out. But this is all part of learning and living. You’re missing out if you give up on opportunities because of these things. This is where we come to happiness, i want more than anything to be the person that anyone feels comfortable just walking up to and starting a conversation with, i want to be friendly to everyone, i want others to feel accepted by me, i want people to feel happiness and comfort because of me. And the only way to bring happiness is to be content yourself. My new goal is to be open to others, and be less angry, let the small things go quickly, show gods love more openly. I have a long way to go in order to achieve those goals but i know with the support of those around me i can be exactly who i am supposed to be. I hope this post encouraged you to think about the impact you have on others, and also supporting others on their journey to happiness!!

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