Tattoo? Taboo?

I’m almost 18!!! August 11th actually is when it will be official.

I’ve been dreaming about getting a tattoo since i knew what they were, and have had soooooo many ideas float through my head.

I talked with my grandpa about getting a tattoo in honor of him and my other grandpa that passed away a few years ago. (It would be drawn by him and placed on my forearm) the shape is deer antlers because both my grandpas used to hunt and it is something i associate with both of them.

Like this but the antlers a bit thicker

My next idea for my tattoo is the word “refuge” also on my forearm or wrist in a scrolly font, this word is important to me because it is what i know god is to me. And my reminder that i always have a refuge. It is also included in one of my favorite psalms. Psalm 91.

I like some of these fonts for example.

My next tattoo isn’t a contender for my first one but i still like the idea. Around the medial melleolus. The circle bone on the inside of your ankle (i had to look that up) i want a circle of small doodles of things that mean something to me or i have a passion for. I would like a drawing of a camera, a book with little scribbles in it, a dove for peace, and a circle that represents my religion in a personal way and a mountain. I’d like to add two more doodles but i can’t pick between my options!!! I’ll get back to you on that one.

You should comment and give me advice or tell me your favorite idea below!!

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