My dreams.

No, not my literal dreams.

These are the dreams that are constantly evolving, that some call impractical, that some wish they had the same passion for. I don’t really believe in shooting down other people’s dreams, I think it might be the most insensitive thing one can do. And in fact, I find a lot of pride in the fact that no matter how many people call my dreams impractical, I still see myself in them and the content I will feel with each milestone.

One of many, is my dream of working for National Geographic as a documentary filmmaker. It sounds specific but it just gets more specific as we go because I actually have a preference on where I’m placed, but we’ll get to that later. I have taken digital film classes since middle school, and recently took a broadcasting class that showed me more about what I’m truly passionate for (which is definitely not broadcasting). I have a vision of the films I’d make for others to see the beauty of the world, and perhaps inspire them also. Almost all of these visions include Iceland. I’ve never been to Iceland in my life. I’ve actually never even left the US, but the beauty of Iceland comes to life in so many movies (where it’s the setting) such as the secret life of Walter Mitty, which inspired me to do more research on the country. I’ve since watched so many nature documentaries (not only on Iceland) and have been completely captured by the beauty of the earth.

Something else that I envision myself doing is running missions trips around the world. Giving others the opportunity to grow with gods help. I’d hope that whatever success comes my way, I am able to give back through service as one of God’s disciples.

I like to imagine a world where everyone has a passion for what they do and a world where people feel a calling to love those around them, no matter their circumstance. The world (and I) definitely have some growing to do before we get to that point but my biggest dream is to be able to inspire the world to love those around them, even in the smallest way. And I think that a good way to start that is by finding what you have in common with those around you, sharing your passions and your dreams, and helping eachother to achieve those goals. So the next time someone shares their dream with you, be open to listening and be interested, because you could be the one to inspire them further.

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