May favorites.

It’s the beginning of May! so I decided this was the perfect time to post my “May Favorites,” who knows where this will take us.


Angela – Lumineers

Its probably old now or something but this song is a mood.

Blow your mind – Dua Lipa. Idk how this happened but Dua Lipa is like my new favorite artist.

So will I (100 billion x) – hillsong United

Mostly the orchestral Version is the one I listen to but omg this song is so beautiful and I love worship music.


I freakin love lemon and rosemary salmon right now I’m OBSESSED. so yes. Eat that. There are some that are like are like pre-prepared at Kroger and I’m in love.


INK BOXXXXX I’m in love with temporary tattoos and they make me so happy and I have now ordered two this month. You can order them at and you can order the one I wore two weeks ago with this link

I’m also obsessed with the freehand ink so that you can make your own designs! Here’s one I drew…


I LOVEEEE THIS ONE. I FINISHED IT IN ONE DAY. The habitat podcast by gimlet is about a simulation run to emulate the conditions of life on mars and how humans would endure a year there. A REAL SIMULATION RUN BY A NASA LIKE GROUP. So amazing. V impressed. 13/10

Also, an oldie but a goodie. The Jenna and Julien podcast. The couple I aspire to be like. They just talk and play games and love each other and I love them.


This one has been around for a minute but I’m getting VERY into overall dresses. Denim, corduroy, cloth? I love them all even though they are more often than not, way too short for me. I got mine from forever 21


This video came out this weekend and it’s such a thinker, but also a no brainer at the same time “This is America” -Childish Gambino


My hairstylist is gonna kill me (love you Stefanie) BUT I’ve been coloring my hair with like super super harmful hair dye for a couple months now and I was scolded when I got my hair cut recently. LUCKILY my manager is my BFF and the best person in the world (shouts out Halee) and gave me this super temporary and harmless hair dye by Kristen Ess. She got me the rose gold color and I’m obsessed Bc obviously I love pink. You can buy it here or at target!

THAT’S ALL FOLKS. Sorry for waiting a month to post anything new. It’s been a bit busy. Make sure to Star/like this post and let me know what you think about it loves.

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