A “Diet”

At the beginning of March I stopped eating McDonald’s everyday and nuggets and noodles every time I had money. I was striving for the perfect “spring break body” that my friends and boyfriend all scolded me for wanting so bad. I was already “perfect.” But this was not all true. Yes I should have been proud of my body and loved myself the way I was, but I’m so glad I changed my habits.I started out by watching these Pilates YouTube videos by blogilates https://www.blogilates.com/The videos and just working out in general already had me feeling better. I started with 3 workouts a week and would just go through one of her playlists every time I worked out (usually 30 min.) BUT THEN it all started happening. I started reading her blogs and realized she had FREE DIET PLANS on her site which was awesome because I’m in high school and I have no money or time. SO I started reading and researching the omission diet https://www.blogilates.com/your-28-day-reset-challenge/ and let me tell you, I’m so happy that I did.The omission diet or 28 day reset is really only meant to show you what your body is tolerant of and not super tolerant of and then you can slowly put all of that food back into your diet to find out your results! Well I’m a rebel and I have no patience and I didn’t do any of that. I started out by just reading the whole post and the PDF and it seemed like it took too long to gradually cut it all out and then put it all back in so I just immediately cut it all out.In case your lazy like me and didn’t click on the link or read what I’m trying to tell you about, I’ll summarize below.

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Processed food
  • Added sugars
  • alcohol

CUT OFF!!! lucky for me I’m underage and I don’t carry an affinity for alcohol so that one was easily checked off my list.The hardest part was obviously the gluten and dairy so that’s what I went in on. To be honest I don’t necessarily know what qualifies as a processed food as MOST foods these days are processed. I decided for myself that any meat product that had been packaged, or packaged food with over 5 ingredients was not something I would let myself eat.I started packing my lunches because there is like not a single gluten and dairy and processed free food offered at my school lol. Packing lunches takes a lot of time so if it’s better for you (me too) you can pack a bunch of protein, vitamin, and nutrient heavy snacks in and eat smaller meals with more snacking. (Dehydrated unsweetened fruit, granola, fresh fruit that you can easily snack on like cuties or bananas or really any fruit). I also completely cut out soda and candy which I basically used to live on and traded it in for solely water! Gotta love water. This went on for a month before this week (spring break) when I took a break from my diet so I could eat whatever my family was eating while we were all together. Over this month I took progress pictures but tried not to weigh myself very often because my goal was also to gain muscle from exercising! The swimsuit photo was two days before I went on the diet and the second picture was at the begging of the fourth week.Results:Now, I’m not saying that I lost all that “weight” from picture to picture or that I lost any weight at all, but the results are clear, I WAS SOOOO BLOATED from eating all of that crap food and soda that filled up my tummy and made me feel so tired and gross.The effects of the experiment were these, my skin cleared up like ALOT. I no longer had little bumps all over my cheeks. I was like never bloated when I woke up or went to bed (well at first i was because my body had to get used to drinking only water, and a lot of it). I felt better in my own skin, my mood improved probably due to exercise, and I was so much more awake. I felt like I had actually been getting good sleep ( I even think my grades improved because I got a 3.7 this quarter) so overall, a great experience.When I get out of this car from this god awful road trip from Florida, I will be officially BACK on the “diet” which is no longer a diet to me I just don’t eat gluten or dairy anymore and I cut out a bunch of sugar and soda.Thanks @blogilates and I hope this gave you, the reader, something to chew on 😉

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  1. Izzy that’s awesome work girl! You are beautiful either way , but we all have to feel good in our own bodies. Keep up the good work


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