To my loves…

You probably know who you are.

Thank you.

For listening to my gripes. Putting up with the constant questioning because I have to know the “real” answer to everything.

For the kisses and the kayaking. For the silly snaps and gifs.

Taking me on grand adventures. Finding fun and creative things to do so that we’re never bored.

Eating lots and lots of junk food. Just taking naps or sleeping in the basement.

Covering for me in some way or sacrificing to save one of us. Knowing when I’m sad and bringing me food or just a hug.

For Being the person that you are.

I have had moments recently where I felt very lonely. But when I felt alone, a few hands reached out to me and I realized that I have so many lovely people surrounding me. I never thought that I would find my best friends in some of the places I have and I can’t believe the connection I’ve made with some of them. It’s no coincidence to me though that I am so in love with these great people because I’ve always admired kindness, intelligence, and integrity. I feel like the most blessed person walking to have these people being involved in my life. My friends don’t always know how to deal with my texting habits (I’m so bad at texting back don’t ask) or how to work out schedules because I have the most talented and hard working friends around, but somehow we still make it work. There isn’t a just way to give back what you’ve given to me in full. So i just put it into words on a screen and memories i hope you smile at. So thank you.

For letting me steal your cats. For watching my mice. For making me cry by texting me at lunch. For just knowing when to come talk to me. For cutting my hair. For dying my hair. For the lake house. For the constant joking and inspiration. For all of our memories, good, bad, crazy, just behind us. And for all that I know that is to come. You’re so genuine and you mean so much to me.

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