My God

Even before I was born I was prayed over. Since I’ve been out of the womb I’ve attended church. I could never be more thankful that god is incorporated in my life. Not only has religion helped me see through times when I thought I wouldn’t make it, but even the times when I’m doing perfectly fine and I just need a moment to reconnect.

My relationship with God is my own and that is something I don’t have doubts about. God has healed my broken hearts, pushed me towards those that need his healing, shown me what my future could be, and given me strength when I had none. It has been said all too often that we feel God the most when we are down and I can not only testify to this but over and over and over again I have been in the darkest places and out of no where a voice calls to me. It might not be a mystical dream, a miracle, or words written on a page, but God finds me. He has sent me countless friends that see my struggle and don’t turn away but rather pull me along with them to church or a retreat or somewhere they know I won’t be judged. Without faith I would have never made it through middle school.

We all know that hindsight is 20/20 but you never really notice until you look back and realize that you were out in the middle of nowhere, and God sent someone out there to bring you back.

I am never ashamed to be a Christian. I am never going to feel shame enough to turn away. Because I know that no matter where I am, god will always find me and give me the peace to continue on. And I hope for whoever is reading this that someone had reached out to you in your darkest moments, maybe it wasn’t in the form of church or spiritual awakening, but that you’ve come back from this and can see in hindsight.

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