Tattoos and Piercings

**This post will be edited as I add more This is just a post about my tattoos and piercings. I have 8 piercings and 3 tattoos total but I don't really count my 6 lobe piercings so let's say I only have 2 piercings. Nose I got my first piercing (nose) when I was 15.... Continue Reading →

Bye 2018

It's 2019 now!! Yay, a new year. We love a fresh start. This is an opportunity to forget the past and move forward. You're older, you're wiser, and you know more about yourself now. 2019 is YOUR YEAR. Yea, parts of 2018 kind of sucked for everyone but that's not something you can blame on... Continue Reading →

January faves!!

These are my favorite finds/apps/products etc. of January! All of these are linked if you just click on the favorite that I listed! Let me know if you also love any of these in the comments! Podcast: Without Fail by Gimlet! This podcast is about people who've succeeded in their careers and they basically tell stories... Continue Reading →


We use this word WAY too often. About traffic, about school, about people. That's the one that gets me. People. We shouldn't be able to label someone so easily with one word. And if you can label someone with one word it is most definitely not accurate because people are SO. MUCH. MORE. I was... Continue Reading →

Growing up.

I'm 18 now! A real adult! I've had to start thinking about what i realistically want to do and I've had to start planning out and creating a map for my future, going to schools that have what I'm interested in, choosing a place to live for the next four years! Crazy. So many things... Continue Reading →

On happiness

You know, you always hear those sayings that are like "you are what you eat," "you are the people you surround yourself with," and this is true with happiness, "you are as happy as the way you react to adversity." Facts. Many people say that their life goal is to be happy, this is an... Continue Reading →

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